API Integration

XML / API Integration / Travel Booking API

Aristo.me API provides access to a wide range of content and functionality through a single API Connection. The API aggregates inventory from multiple property suppliers to bring a wide selection of accommodation options for your customers at the most competitive pricing. It provides access to search, book and manage over 250000 unique properties from around the world. This travel API provides you with a huge amount of technical power, allowing you to fully customize and integrate it with your own system.


Key Features

Completely Customizable

Our reservation system can be configured or customized to support your agency's way of working. The design and the features can be customized as per the requirement of the market and the agency.

Comprehensive Content

We provide extensive content all in one place through an elaborate search panel where the search results can be tailored to display the most relevant options for your travelers.

Efficient Management System

Our online reservation system has automated administrative modules and features, which facilitates smooth and error free invoicing and reporting process. We take away the complexity of managing system interactions, enabling the agents to spend more time selling and less time on administration

Multiple Currency Gateways

The system provided the facility to view the prices in multiple currencies. This gives option for sale across global demographics.

Dedicated Partner

We are here to help!!! 24x 7 support is available and we are committed to the success of every agency on our platform. We are always on hand to answer question and solve any challenges you face.

Updates and Upgrades

Online Booking Engine picks up the best Deals from different suppliers on a daily basis and updates the Inventories accordingly. Regular technology updates and upgrades will be carried on the agent’s interface by the IT team of Aristo.me. We are committed to continuously make required amendments and add features in the system in order to make it user friendly for the customers.


  • Mapped inventory of more than 250000 hotels in more than 185 countries
  • All the proven functionality of Aristo.me is available to integrate in your branded website
  • Facility to sell across the globe with multiple currency gateways
  • Easy mark up Management
  • Expansion of Network by building sub agents
  • Free technical support pre, during and post integration

Features in picture form



Huge potential for Earning

Implementing the API to your website will open the vast arena of fully mapped hotel inventory with real time pricing and availability. With the accommodation options available so vast, and the booking interface so user friendly, Aristo.me API will automatically attract people to your website, increasing your customer base effortlessly and in turn multiple your earnings.

Advantage of online presence

After implementing API, your website becomes live and accessible to your customers and trade partners from any where in the world. The website can be accessed from multiple instruments like desktops, tablets, mobiles etc. making it quick and user friendly. It is much easier and effective to advertise and promote online website and products.

Business Expansion

Our travel partners can expand their reach and business by further making sub agents in their territory. The Travel partner will earn a share from the bookings done by his sub agents, which in turn opens up multiple avenues for his business expansion.